A Wholistic Approach Using a Modified Livelihoods Framework
Saturday, 03 September 2011 09:46
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The Livelihoods framework was introduced to bring a more wholistic approach to development analysis and interventions. While we use the framework as the basis for much of our work, we believe that it has one important omission and weakness. The Livelihoods framework as presented in 1999 by Carney et al, did not (in our view) sufficiently acknowledge the role of personal objectives, hopes and dreams. The lives of people cannot be reduced to solely an asset-based analysis. The psychology of the community is determining factor to Livelihood options and outcomes. The 'traditional' livelihood framework partially acknowledges this in the human capital, and social pressures determined by social capital, but insufficiently in our view. Therefore we use a modified framework that explicitly seeks to determine the influence of people's objectives, hopes